30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1


As someone who used to love to journal, I’ve completely fallen out of love with it. I used to crave the feeling of putting pen to paper. It was the first thing I’d do when I woke up; it gave me a sense of accomplishment to see a notebook full of my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I stopped writing around the time my mother passed away. I couldn’t journal anything I was feeling because it was all too intense for me. I tried a few times but things just haven’t been the same since she passed. But, I’m happy to report, the urge to journal and write has slowly started to come back.

While scrolling through Twitter, I saw someone I follow (@danicaexplains) post about a “Write With Danica 30-Day Writing Challenge” she created. I read the post along with the first prompt and decided it was perfect to get back into writing/journaling. Her blog (which I encourage you to check out here) has all the details about the challenge.

Prompt 001 —
Write a “dedication,” or about the concept. Write about something you’re dedicated to, someone you’re dedicated to, or someone dedicated to you. Use it as inspiration to create your own book dedication page for when you eventually publish.

Thinking about this prompt was really cool to me. I’ve never thought about writing a dedication before so I had fun with this. I’m a long-winded person so I knew it wasn’t going to be just one or two lines, but it’s my writing; I do want I want. So if I were to publish a book today, this would be my dedication:

To my incredibly strong family and friends. To my grandpa, who taught me how to have compassion without limits. To my nana, who is my closest confidant. To my twin, whose unwavering love and encouragement means everything to me. And lastly, to the woman who was and always will be my number one supporter, my mom.

Thank you, I love you all.