30-Day Writing Challenge Day 2

Day 2! I don’t know about yall, but this time change is kicking my ass. I woke up on time but I’ve been really dragging all day. Today’s prompt was something I recently experienced but hadn’t thought about journaling. It was somewhat difficult to stick to the 10 minute time limit but working within specific parameters is something I want to get better at so this was a great exercise.

Prompt 002 — Feb.22
Today, write about a time you had to make a challenging choice. Was it an “either-or” situation? What did you choose? In retrospect, did you perceive any alternatives outside the “either-or” situation? How do you make decision in present day scenarios? Does it look the same — what’s change?

Set your timer for ten minutes and go! No judging, no stopping. Keep your pen moving (or your fingers typing) no matter where this prompt takes you in your freewriting today.


When it comes to making decisions, I’m very cut and dry. I know what choice I want fairly quickly, unless my man is asking what I want to eat, that is. But dont get me wrong, just because I know what choice I want/should make, doesn’t mean it’s easy for me, it just means it’s necessary. After going through a difficult break-up, I told myself I was always going to make the best choice for myself, no matter how tough. I had compromised myself before and wasted a lot of time and energy that I won’t do again. So when a close friend of mine started to show his true colors, I knew I had to make the tough decision of ending our friendship. I knew what I should do, but because of all the changes I’ve been through in the past few months I desperately wanted to keep some things the same. In the end I chose to close that chapter of my life. It was painful and I mourned our friendship, but I stayed committed to my promise to myself. I don’t regret it and I will continue to make the tough choices that are necessary for my wellbeing.


Not bad for 10 minutes, if I do say so myself.